Protecting yourself and others from spreading viruses.

(UPDATED 3/14/2020

Now it is a good time to review our protocols already in place for preventing disease including viruses and food born illness.

1. Wash your hands frequently using soap and water, when available, for 20 at least seconds. Hand sanitizer is now available in the dining room on the Take Out Table. Kitchen staff, donít forget to wash your hands anytime you have touched a surface that could be contaminated and every time you enter the kitchen.

Guests should use the bathroom sinks to wash hands with soap and water and not the hand sanitizer. Continue to encourage diners to wash their hands with soap and water And, we will have sanitizer to the window.

2. Avoid touching your face with hands.

3. Cover sneezes and coughs with a tissue or sleeve. Then wash your hands twice.

4. Stay home if you are sick. Donít forget to call the Volunteer Coordinator to report your intended absence.

Cleaning surfaces All surfaces will be sanitized will bleach water.

At least one volunteers will be assigned to the dining room to clean. This is required. It is best if the Lead Server can perform this duty.)

We use a mixture of bleach/water cleaner to clean all hard surfaces.

The ratio of bleach to water is 4 teaspoons bleach to one quart of water. Put the liquid in the provided bottles (2 bottles will be available). The mixture becomes less effective in 24 hours. It must be disposed of at the end of the meal or before the next dinner or shelter..

Have you thought about the sugar, salt and pepper dispensers? The paper napkin, creamer, sugar dispensers and the salt and pepper shakers can be cleaned with the same bleach/water mixture.. When a container is empty, wash it and run it through the sanitizer.

Put out a small number of desserts on one table. When the table is low on deserts, move the remainder to the other table then sanitize the bare table. Add more desserts to the table.

Kitchen volunteers, should clean as they go. Always clean you own space. Also pay attention to other areas - handles, door knobs, cart, appliances.

Closing staff, clean all hard surfaces in the kitchen and dining room with bleach/water mixture.

Sick guests or volunteers

Sick volunteers should stay home. Remember to call the volunteer coordinator to report you absence.

Inform a Lead, If a visibly sick guest or volunteer comes in, Volunteers will be sent home. Sick guests will not be sent home without a meal. Ask them to wait outside until a take out meal is prepared. Ask them to distance themselves 6 feet away from others.

If a guest does not want to come in to eat. They can wait outside until take out meal is prepared

Cleaning at the end of services.

In the dining room sanitize all tables with bleach water be for taking them down. Sanitize the beverage and dessert tables. Sanitized creamer and sugar dispenser. All leftover cups will be sent to wash and sterilized. Clean the cart and send the bins to be washed and sterilized.

Procedure to follow during dinners.

Set up an additional table for diners. This will help provide additional space for guests during their meals.

Diners can choice to pray before the meal. Ask them to stay seated at their table during the prayer. We will no longer stand in a circle holding hands.

The Lead will be available to space diners in line for their meal. The distance should be 3 feet. After 10 guests have been served, stop the line and sanitize the window counter. Then return to service.

The volunteer station will sanitize the table when diners at the table depart. The salt and pepper shakers and napkin dispensers will be sanitized at the same time.

Dessert table will be sanitized as described earlier.

The beverage table will be sanitized frequently. Clean all hard surfaces and the sugar and creamer dispensers.

The dining room volunteers will use hand sanitizer frequently. When time permits, the volunteer will wash their hands with soap and water.

Warm shelter will perform all the above procedures with these additions

Guests will continue to set up the spaces. Encourage the save distance between guest of at least 3 feet.

Guests will not be allowed in the kitchen at any time.

In the morning, all guest will bag their liners. Provide them with bleach/water mixture for them to sanitize their sleeping pad.

If a guest comes in visibly sick have them go in the paster office. No guest will be asked to leave if they are sick. If available, give them a mask.Then call the Lead. The Lead will come to make an assessment and give the volunteers instructions. Volunteers will not take action without the Leadís direction.Give them a pad and linens to make up a bed. Provide a meal if they are hungry.

The Lead will return in the morning to supervise the cleaning of the pastorí office. All bedding will be bag and put in the trash. The sleeping mat will be sanitized with bleach/water mixture. All hard surface in the office will be sanitized. Gloves wile worn by all volunteers cleaning the room.

Things that will not be done.

1. Temperatures will not be taken. We are not a medical facility and will not make diagnoses by reading a thermometer.

2. Masks will not be warn by anyone who is not sick. Masks will be offered to anyone who is sick.

3. Sick guests will not be taken to Urgent Care by a volunteer. The Lead will talk to the guest to make the best recommendation for follow up.

4. Gloves will only be used by the morning or after dinner cleaning crew. Wearing gloves runs the risk of cross contamination. There is also the practice of washing hands and removing gloves. Washing hands frequently is the best way for volunteers to protect themselves and others.

Things we will do

1. Provide a safe warm place for our guest.

2. Provide a hot meal to guests.

3. Relieve anxiety and reduce the fear some are experiencing with this new virus.

4. Treat all guests with dignity and protect their confidentiality.