Cooking shift: 1:00-5:00 p.m. (4 people)
●  2 preppers: Cook, do side prep, & set up dining area (tables, chairs, and place     settings).
●  2 helpers: Set up cooking equipment, cut and peel vegetables, make salad, begin     dining room setup.

Preparation shift: 3:00-5:00 p.m. (2 people)
●  1 helper: Cut desserts, prepare coffee, set up for serving (silverware, plates, etc.),
    & set up giveaway table.
●  1 dishwasher/cleaner: Wash dishes and clean floor.

Dinner/cleanup shift: 4:45-7:00 (8 people)
●  4 servers: Plate & serve meals out the pick-up window, & package take-out meals
    (1 server tallies meals).
●  1 greeter: Greet guests at window; may also host the giveaway table.
●  1 floater: Help where needed (fellowship with guests, serve, greet, or wash dishes)
●  table hosts (as many as will come): Fellowship and be a hospitable presence.
●  2 cleaners: Wash dishes during dinner, put away tables and chairs, help put
    away supplies, empty garbages, clean floors, secure building, & lock up.

Shifts overlap to provide for transition from pre-cook to final readiness,
orientation for new volunteers, and time for prayer.